The Country Inn Cottage, Martín Pescador, is dedicated to raising Brangus genetics and offers tourist services in a rural environment

Directed by Maisonnave Aishemberg family, with warmth, effort and dedication that each member of the Cottage gives to their specific tasks.

Our mission is to provide agro customers with elements to enable them to produce and trade products of high performance and quality. For the tourist, we provide an exclusive service to rest and enjoy activities in close contact with nature.

By introducing the business of Brangus Cottage, Federico Maisonnave its Technical Director, was trained in 1998 in the fundamental aspects, at Cow Creek Ranch in Alabama, USA, to whom we represent in the region. That is why our breeders are ready to produce the best meat with high performance. But we go further, in fact, as we work closely with Cow Creek Ranch, we can continue in the advanced genetics to maintain and develop products according to technological advances and market demands.

The tourist service we have built, provides high quality service, complement with the area, in an atmosphere of total quietness, security and privacy, allowing you to enjoy a place and activities that do not soon forget.

Tel.: (++598) 440 60 20
Cel.: (++598) 99 623 201
Aiguá, Maldonado, URUGUAY
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